July Status – Closing the gap

Happy August everyone! Updates ahead! Let's start with some good news. The good news is that I'm almost done with these second revisions, we are only a handful of chapters away from completion. Once there, I will be sending to my alpha readers hopefully by the end of this week. After I get feedback from…Read more July Status – Closing the gap

June Status – New projects and more delays

A schedule is a defined by its structure of consistency. June was a relatively consistent month of revisions, blogging (on my other blogs), interaction, and it seemed that life had reached a gentle rhythm. An illusion for the sudden bouts of madness and chaos that would ensue later. June was a tough month, Father's Day…Read more June Status – New projects and more delays

Delays are an old friend

Revision for Ciphers to Neverland continues, unfortunately not without some setbacks. My vacation through Germany and portions of Eastern Europe was fantastic, I'll post about it one of these days. I met some wonderful people and saw magnificent vistas and places. Once I returned back to the States, I received my final packet back from…Read more Delays are an old friend