March Update – The Path is Clear

It has been a long while since I last posted. The workload continued even at the end of 2017, within the first few weeks of the new year, I was swamped with finishing my projects for my Patreon. It was personally the most stressful endeavor of my life. I barely slept for days trying to return Adobe InDesign and do the layout for a Dungeons & Dragons supplement regarding the land of faeries. I commissioned artists to create original artwork for the project, and once those were turned in, I focused on refining the content. It was something I had never done before, at least of this scope and magnitude. Thankfully, my determination outweighed any doubts, though my low personal value of myself was designed to shield the emotional trauma of disappointment. Shield me in the realization that was in fact, not an author, or a writer, that everything I do was nothing more a distraction to escape reality (which wasn’t far from the truth).

I finished Journey into the Feywild the second week of February and released it to my patrons and my contributors. I received many praises for the work I have done, which I regretfully felt empty and hollow at the time. The supplement was officially released on February 12th on the DMsGuild marketplace. I sent the relevant links to my many friends and fans, just informing them that it was released. I even bought dice to use as a giveaway, with the idea of increasing the winnings for every 10 copies sold. I only bought a handful of dice, thinking that I would be lucky if I sold 20 copies during the promotion period of February 12th to February 28th.

I was dead wrong. I had never been more wrong in my entire life.

Within the end of the week, nearly 70 copies were sold, and Journey into the Feywild climbed the charts, achieving the accolade of Copper Bestseller and sitting defiantly in the Top 20 Most Popular titles of the DMsGuild. My supplement sat alongside many writers and content creators that I personally admired and respected (for their content & consistency of quality). I couldn’t believe, I was in shock. Throughout the entire campaign, I couldn’t believe the miracle of my results. It was a literal miracle. I have never achieved anything like this (in scope) and somehow in my first go around, I did surprisingly well. I suffered massive amounts of Imposter Syndrome throughout the whole promotional campaign. By the middle of the 2nd week, Journey into the Feywild achieved Silver Bestseller status. It was continually shifting into the Top 15 and dropping back to the late teens, it was like a game to guess where it was going to rank each day.

A colleague informed me that my method of promotion was one aspect of my success, but it was also a subject matter that carried a high demand due to the lack of official publications. These were important considerations when I look back at the overall success of the supplement. By the end of the promotional campaign and the month of February, over 110 copies of Journey into the Feywild were bought and downloaded. I was more ecstatic for my contributing artists than for myself. Frankly, I still believe that my success could not have been achieved as fruitfully without their contributions. Ultimately, I recouped nearly all the expenses for acquiring the artwork. I always intended to take the financial loss on my end, knowing that I created and finished the project was vital to me. I did not count on success.

At the time of this article, another 50 copies have been sold, and I expect much more in the future. A recent blog article from a well-received and well-respected creator wrote about the self-publication for gaming materials how someone such as myself could not no longer categorize themselves as merely a writer or author, I was now a full-fledged publisher. The thought never occurred to me, and at first, I felt vexed and doubtful. But the realization set in and I have come to terms with it and he was right. I realized I no longer thought the way of an author, in fact, I stopped feeling like a writer since the day I finished my manuscript for Ciphers to Neverland back in 2015.

After a long 5 month hiatus from revising it, I have returned to my first novel again. No longer just reviewing it as a writer but as a publisher. The past few months and this unexpected success have granted me insight into myself, and I hope that this current good fortune is an omen for things to come in my future. It’s time I finish what I started a long time ago. Writing that manuscript was a cathartic release of many things from my past, publishing it will the be the cathartic release that I am ready to grow into something more. Writing for game design is my real passion it would seem, but writing stories and poetry will always be my core – I don’t plan to stop now.

Still learning to manage my time and prioritize projects accordingly. But I’m ambitious and sometimes, it leads to fantastic opportunities.

If you are a fan of Dungeons & Dragons or wish to view Journey into the Feywild, here’s the link:

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