If you were to tell me that in the middle of August that I would get heat exhaustion while at work that would leave me bedridden for an entire week, I wouldn’t have believed you. Heck, I still don’t believe it myself, and I was the one suffering. Those days of heat exhaustion left my body very lethargic, thankfully, I had most of the week off from my job. I had to stay in bed, have fans running, many ice packs, and cold showers to help lower my elevated body temperature.

How you did I contract this condition you ask? Answer: my day job.

Let’s just say moving heavy furniture in a dark building for three hours with no central air is not a very wise move. Not realizing I was dehydrated was my fault. Not realizing I might have heat exhaustion until two days later while suffering symptoms, that was probably also my fault.

My saving grace was eating loads of ice cream and watching Steven Universe. If you haven’t watched the Cartoon Network show, I highly recommend it. Rebecca Sugar is a genius, absolutely love the series and the characters. That entire week in the middle of August passed with little to absolutely no progress. The next week after was me slowly returning to a normal schedule and lifestyle while moderating my activities and water intake. So in all, I lost two weeks of progress or work time for Ciphers to Neverland.

Because of my time away from the computer, I also couldn’t work on my Death By Mage blog, which resulted in me doing catch up on both which ultimately did not yield quite as desirable results.

Brightside, once I was better, I started back my more aggressive work ethic which has led to some projects done on the side while being able to sit down and work on Ciphers to Neverland as well. Though I did have a couple of writing contest entries to complete as well in August, which thankfully, I was able to finish the work and their submission. I may publish and release the unselected works for myself, but it was an enjoyable experience. I’ll have to work on writing about the experiences another time.

It’s September now, the second revisions are actually almost done. I have just a few more chapters to revise. I have half a dozen more projects about to be unleashed as soon as I’m done with these revisions. Because by then, the novel will be read and reviewed by alpha readers before being submitting for formatting and publishing.

Thank your patience, my first novel was always bound to have a rocky start. If you follow or are a fan of an author, you’ll understand it takes years and time to craft a decent story. Hopefully, I’ll keep you guys updated a little more in the future but right now I’ll keep my head down and just keep working.

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