Happy August everyone! Updates ahead!

Let’s start with some good news.

The good news is that I’m almost done with these second revisions, we are only a handful of chapters away from completion. Once there, I will be sending to my alpha readers hopefully by the end of this week. After I get feedback from them, I shall work to refine the prose and formally submit the manuscript to my distributors and pick a launch date.

I have a writing contest submission due at the end of this week as well. But I’m confident that I will have it ready and proof-read beforehand. I can’t say too much about the contest, but it will be my first time writing horror, which I’m not very proficient concerning prose. I’m decent with playing horror based roleplaying games but never so much from a strictly narrative venue. When in a game, usually the storyteller can convey ideas and images using less than say something written on a page. Fear is a subjective experience and interpretations will vary. Not everything is horrifying or scary to the same person. So this will be a great personal challenge for me. Wish me luck!

For some excellent news, I recently went to Florida SuperCon and met with Peter Capaldi and Karen Gillan! I also met with Larry Elmore, a very famous fantasy artist that hails back from the early TSR days of Dungeons & Dragons. It was a star-studded weekend. I was very fortunate, and while I lost an entire day of writing, I gained some incredible memories. Maybe I’ll share some of it later this week. As you can see with my project schedule, it might be quite a while.

Thankfully there’s no real bad news, other than Ciphers to Neverland is still not finished yet.

To all my fans and friends, thank you for your continued patience. I promise you it will not be a wasted venture. I hope anyway. Worse case, we’ll learn from our mistakes, but I’m feeling hopeful.

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