A schedule is a defined by its structure of consistency. June was a relatively consistent month of revisions, blogging (on my other blogs), interaction, and it seemed that life had reached a gentle rhythm. An illusion for the sudden bouts of madness and chaos that would ensue later.

June was a tough month, Father’s Day along with weekly events filling themselves into my schedule resulted in many projects which overlapped with my revisions. I don’t blame anything or anyone, the month was a great month for me mentally. I still did revisions, but many of the revisions had shrunk considerably. While consistent, the quantity had diminished, which left me halfway through Part 3 of the novel. On top of that, my brain has been wandering through other fields of ideas. Sometimes the burden of inspiration results in a moment where we become stiff and rigid, not because we fear whether this idea is decent or not. Instead, the stiffness comes from the realization that the idea is sound, probably fantastic, and we wish to implement it but have no means to execute it. Or what some people call schedule conflicts or struggles in priorities.

By November of 2017, it will be two years since I started this journey. Two years of inward struggles, motivation, determination, occasional bouts of madness, sleepless nights, and growth. It has been an incredible journey, but all journeys eventually come to an end. In this case, this journey needs to end soon. Not because I detest my work, but because I refuse to be confined by own arrogance and fears. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to write a quality story, but I also do not want myself restricted by this extreme need to be perfect.

July 4th was a personal day for myself. I took the day off for myself, sometimes you just need a few of those days.

Projects Ahead

So besides Ciphers to Neverland, I have come across some writing contests. You may be wondering why? Well, I figured it wouldn’t hurt, I get to express myself, churn out these wild story & plot ideas that have amassed in my mind. I will be committing myself to a one or two writing contests, but most of the deadlines are not until the end of July or August, so I have time to write something noteworthy. I will post details once I have made concrete progress on the submissions.

Second, I have been taking notes, recording my monologs, and even drew diagrams for two larger projects in the future post-Ciphers to Neverland. One of them, I plan to be a charity novel, the second one will be my most ambitious project. This second project has been sitting on the backburner since 2016, I pitched the idea to a few of my friends and fans, and many of them were quite excited about this one. So, as a promise to them, the determination to finish Ciphers to Neverland has never been greater. Now I know what it feels like for more famous authors with a thousand times more fans who are ten-thousand more ravenous.

On top of these writing projects, I’ve been working on developing my Patreon page for my Dungeons & Dragons blog. There are additional projects related to that blog as I continue to be a content creator.

To say I’m busy would be an understatement, but I simply need to set my priorities together and establish more clear short term goals if I wish to be done on time. I know it’s aggravating to hear about more delays, but I’m working on them. I’m planning to be more active on this blog as well, besides a few updates every so often. I thank everyone who reads this and continues to support me.

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